Monday, October 20, 2008

20 billion reasons to be confident

China's GDP for three quarters was over 20 billion yuan...a growth rate of 9.9% only 2% off its previous rate. And the pessimists are forcasting doom on those figures. Maybe they can't comprehend what 9.9% growth means in an growing economy. Let's help them out!
1.Primary production was up by 4.5% Grain production has been up for the past five years.Pig production is up6%
2.Fixed assett investment continues to grow particularly in rural areas where growth is fastest.
3. Domestic retail sales are up 22%.
4.Rural and Urban incomes continue to grow (11% and 7.5%).
5. Savings continue to grow.
6.While industrial production slowed profits increased. (up19%)

Now if all that is a cause for concern then show me the door! The long march continues!

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