Friday, October 31, 2008

China's web has caught the fly

China's Central Government are keen historians. They know about Vanderbilt in the US and the rise of Pittsburgh as a steel centre..they know about Carnegie and the new technology which enormously catapulted steel production...and they know about J.P.Morgan who injected capital into a fragmented system and de-fragmented it by buying up everything including Carnegie...and bingo no competition. Now that the U.S has stuffed it up the Chinese, ever so patient, are doing the a J.P. Morgan on the U.S. and anywhere they can. Ah..the benefits of study and a long life.. . And America owes them squillions .. Yes the patient stay at home spider has caught the fly and will now eat it. And the teacher..not The Long March but J.P. Morgan. What irony? Would you sell your Oz. resource stocks now? Cheers all DeepLode

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