Friday, October 17, 2008

George Bush and his last pathetic stand

President Bush today said the United States' ''serious financial crisis'' has moved beyond Wall Street.(WOW! What insight!) But he says Americans can be confident government actions will set things right over time (Time?!!! How much time George?)

The president cautioned that it will take time(again How much time George?) to thaw out the frozen credit system so that people and businesses can get the loans they need to get the economy moving.Bush, offering his(dodgy) reassurances in a speech to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Friday 17 Oct., said the rescue moves are ''big enough and bold enough to work.''He says the U.S. is working with European nations (George! Have you heard about China and the rest of Asia? and have you conveniently forgotten your Middle East mates?) to resolve what has become a global crisis. He said, ''We're determined to overcome this challenge together.' Hmm! First time George has used the together word...He will go down in history as Unilateral George! The architect of global failure and division!!

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