Thursday, October 30, 2008

McCain to play hard ball on China

John McCain has stated that he is going to play hard ball on China over Taiwan! Perhaps his advisors should let him know that a Chinese envoy is at this moment in Taiwan (yes in Taiwan!) working out an agreement on future relations....and someone should also tell him that the Dalai Lama has sent an envoy to China (Yes to China!) The world has changed since John last bothered to look. The Republican Party has a track record of dangerously distorted views of the world. Remember the incumbent (now invisible) did not have a passport when he took office!..and thought he was going to a meeting in Austria when in fact he was coming to Australia...but gosh Texas is so great why would you bother going anywhere?
This distorted view of the world led Bush to play hard ball with Iraq(thought they were a push over).....but now hard ball with China? Come on guys, your capacity to play hard ball with China over anything is zilch...I repeat zilch.
Does McCain know that his country is bankrupt and owes China squillions? (thank you George). Play hard ball? go cap in hand more like it! The American people are not going to buy this agressive , tough guy talk any more. They at least know that for the moment they are defeated in more ways than one. And we all want the U.S. back as a strong, moral and credible global entity. Looks like President Obama has a task ahead of him.

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