Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Uranium stocks go for a run

Uranium stocks went for a run in Canada overnight. Canadian investors have a sophisticated understanding of uranium fundamentals. Our most advanced new producer Alliance Resources (AGS) will soon follow them. It is sitting on the biggest discovery in Australia for the past 20 years at its Beverly 4 Mile deposit.And being in a Joint Venture with Heathgate assures it of sales. Heathgate is a part of Quasar which in turn is owned by General Atomics!!!! Yes the Blue Brothers. Here are some of the movers in Canada...
CAMECO .....+9.67%
PALADIN .....+11.80%
URANIUM ONE .....+10.10%
DENISON MINES .....+5.23%
FIRST URANIUM .....+26.95%
MEGA URANIUM .....+4.63%
ALTIUS ......+5%
UEX CORP .....+2.33%

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