Monday, November 10, 2008

Citadel on target in Saudi Arabia

I have posted previously on Citadel Resources . Yesterday they released the results from three cores from Jabal Sayid. The Company knew they were drilling into mineralised ore to get cores....but what impressed them was the high grades and consistency of the copper grades.In their report to the ASX they described the grades as" remarkable". Also, as they say in the announcement, the size of the strike is bigger than they knew prior to the drilling. So it is very significant progress, enough for them to set about revising the resource estimate. They have $25m in the bank, the backing of the Saudi Government and a strong local partner. And copper is on the rise again! Plus the results that have come in from Jabal Sheyban are also impressive.
Owen Hegarty can pick them. This is definitely one for the watch list!!!

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