Saturday, November 1, 2008

Republican Party to investigate itself

THE Republican Party has began to investigate what it knows will be a landslide defeat at the polls this week.Not only will the Party loose the Presidency but it will also end up with low low numbers in the Congress. .Senior figures in the party are picking over the bones of the George Bush era and turning their attention to reviving a Republican brand that has declined rapidly since control of Congress was lost in the 2006 mid-term elections.
Now really that is an investigation that should not take any longer than a day or so!!
Reason 1. George Bush
Reason 2. George Bush
Reason 3. George Bush.

The Republicans have allowed its executive government under George to recklessly plunge the Country into crippling debt,to engage in pointless and cruel wars,to be subject to global isolation and to alienate large sectors of its citizens. They have angered middle America, denied the very existence of the poor and rewarded the mega rich. Its time to wake up to the fact that America consists of more than extreme right fundamentalist christians.(It always has of course).
No one was strong enough to eyeball George Bush as he broke one International law after another. The Republicans lacked courage and seemed to be devoid of conviction.

The principles of low spending, small government, care of your citizens etc were abandoned during Bush's eight years in office. George Bush had absolutely no intellectual capacity to embrace even the basic fundamentals of democratic governance. His knowledge of his own country once he reached the Texan border was abysmal. His knowledge of the world was still based on his elementary education. He did not have a passport when elected!!! His responses to domestic crises were dim witted and appalling. George was an absolute failure without one re-deeming quality.
Yes the investigation shouldn't take long! ie if the Republicans have any talent left.

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