Wednesday, December 3, 2008

China to save the U.S.A. and the global economy

George Bush and Chinese President Hu Jintao two years ago launched a twice yearly, Strategic Economic Dialogue. And this week it is on again. The dialogue will be led by US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Chinese Vice Premier Wang Qishan, a key economic policy maker. Emphasis will be on the U.S. economy and its recession and whether China can maintain rapid growth and help keep the global economy afloat. A conversation tonight with a Hong Kong link indicates that tomorrow, or Friday, China will announce a huge injection into the U.S economy which will be approved by Congresss after years of stalling Chinese investment in the U.S.
China has what the U.S. does not ie $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. And Geo.W. has given Paulson the OK. Usually he has relied on Saudi Arabia...but Prince B. is not at the moment forth China to the rescue.

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