Monday, December 15, 2008

Citadel reports more major intersections at Jabal Sayid

DeepLode has written previously about Citadel Resource Group (ASX: CGG)and its excellent prospects in Saudi Arabia and last week the good news continued to flow.They released more very significant results from Jabal Sayid. Remember that Owen Hegarty and other people close to him are involved here!
But also of interest is that major Saudi Arabian interests in Citadel were recently in Australia.

Sheik Khaled Al Qahtani and his family were here to meet with "investors".
It turns out his family have another connection to Australia.
In a conversation on Sydney Harbour the Sheik explained that his father imported Holden F.Js to Saudi Arabia.And they were very popular but then Holden stopped making a left-hand drive model!
So the Saudis had to make a shift to those inferior Mercedes machines!!
Let's hope the Citadel connection lasts longer!!!
DeepLode is confident of that!

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