Thursday, December 11, 2008

Don't flash in front of John Daly

At least not with a camera!
John Daly smashed a spectators camera into a tree in Sydney yesterday when according to Daly the man got too close to him.Golfers increasingly seem to view spectators as a nuisance. We are kept at sometimes silly distances from the play and too often are berated by players after they hit a poor shot.Perhaps they should remember that the sponsor's target at tournaments is the paying public not the players.
Yes we do pay for what increasingly seems to be a "privilege" to watch these highly paid sulky sports men!
Poor John Daly!
The only reason he was paid to appear in Australia is because of the very reason the man wanted to take a photo of him. John Daly is cashing in on the "renegade" persona he himself has created. You can't have it both ways John.
And why is there such a silly rule as no cameras on the golf course? Small, silent modern digitals are in no way an intrusion.Could it be a commercially driven decision?
If John Daly was upset by the spectator he should have spoken to his caddy who could have called an official, a marshall or security.Daly was wrong and if his actions had occurred in the street would not the police be involved?
Golfing officials need to take a close look at the direction in which the sport is heading!

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