Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I will listen to the recommendations of my commanders.

Words today of the President elect....I do hope he has checked out the performance of the US commanders in Iraq...and understands that they have had no strategy in place at all.That is why the U.S. is still there.
And the current administration had and has no strategy other than that financed by Prince Bandar.
(Well he did authorise the payment of $US235m in 2004 at the request of Geo Bush for the purchase of 24 Bell helicopters for the Pakistan Army) Another "good decision" by the U.S.
Just ask the people of Mumbai and the families of the Australians killed there.

Donald Rumsfeld in 2006 talking about troop numbers " it is entirely possible there were too many at some point and too few at some point...because no one is perfect" (Bob Woodward "State of Denial" p257)
And that was a statement from the man responsible for the "Commanders in Iraq". Not a clue ...so I hope the President elect is being diplomatic and will act more forcefully when in Office. American Command has failed in Iraq as it has so many times before. The chain of command has been so politicised that the President of the U.S. runs blind.
They told Bush what he wanted to hear...not what was actually happening..Watch out Barack...and Good Luck.

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