Sunday, January 18, 2009

It pays to be First in Senegal

As the global economy struggles to find some base from which to continue its growth small explorers are decidedly unwanted.But growth will return and energy requirements will increase. As we have seen even in the interim demand for energy remains strong and available supplies are under stress.
First Australian Resources’ prospects in Senegal, North America and China all have the potential to add serious value for its shareholders. DeepLode has written before on its fortuitous position in Senegal, and its already existing links with the Chinese, which could be a company maker for this minnow.Remember that analysts have estimated well in excess of 1 billion barrels for the Senegal tenements...and this could prove to be conservative.

The upside potential for the value of FAR certainly gives it a very attractive risk/reward balance.The income being derived from its North American assets continue and are not to be sneezed at in the current economic climate. Many juniors would be envious of any income.

DeepLode continues to rate FAR highly especially at such depressed prices.
Of course this is just opinion and for general interest.

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