Friday, March 6, 2009


DeepLode has written earlier about the chances of a huge discovery of tight gas in W.A.
The need to get a new supply of gas to secure W.A's energy supplies was dramatically evidenced by the explosion last year at Varanus Island

The W.A. Senate Committee investigating that gas explosion which crippled W.A.’s gas supply had some evidence placed before it in December about the huge reservoir of “tight gas” in which one of DeepLode’s favourite juniors(ASX: TSV) has a stake.
In his submission to the Senate Committee the former Minister for Energy, Hon Fran Logan MLA, pointed out that that there are drilling programs underway in 'tight gas' reservoirs in the mid-west and Busselton regions. Tight gas refers to gas that is difficult to extract because it is found in rocks with low permeability, needing specialised techniques and equipment for extraction.
Mr Logan informed the committee that:
“The volumes of tight gas in the two regions north and south of Perth are significant; notionally, around 12 trillion cubic feet. If the geological problems facing the explorers are overcome, the security and competition of the gas market in WA will be resolved to a significant degree, and I put it to you that the explorers for the tight gas should be encouraged and assisted both by the state and federal government: through royalty concessions, I believe, in the state area and through funding for the geological sites of geological science support for that exploration through the federal government.”
The drilling by Latent, Alcoa and Transerve is getting close to payday so keep a watch.
You can be sure that the West Australian and Federal Governments will doing all they can to support this project…now and in the future.
As with most interesting plays you can follow the action on

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