Saturday, March 21, 2009

When an Irish hopeful went FAR away on a slight hope

Deeplode has ventured into the archives to remind us all that Tullow Oil, which is being touted as FAR's partner in its Senegal lease, in fact started its history with another outside punt also in Senegal.Twenty years ago Aidan Heavey then an Irish accountant followed a hunch that changed his life.
A friend told him that Senegal was looking for a company to develop the country's oil and gas fields which were too small to be of interest to major companies.
"Like most people in Ireland back then, I knew little about oil except what I learned from J.R. on Dallas," he is reported as saying.
But Heavey flew to Senegal on the basis of what was there to lose!!
He read up on the way so he at least knew the jargon.
He won the contract.
After mortgaging his house and calling in a few favours he bought a used oil rig in Texas.
It made it to Senegal but the crew forgot the basics..passports..not exactly surprising for Texans..(ask Geo W.)
The first well was dry but the rest is history!

Now is history about to repeat itself through FAR...with its maybe partner Tullow..which in DeepLode's guess may then be in Chinese hands.
What a story!

Follow the drama as it unfolds on

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