Sunday, June 7, 2009


Deeplode came across some figures recently which point out the direction of the flow of global finance. And India looks to be on the brink of a huge growth explosion.

Global money appears to be entering India at the rate of $1 billion a week.
In April, foreign institutions poured US$1.3 billion into Indian equities.Then in early May before the Indian elections another US$1.87 billion was invested from outside India. The total for May was US$4.14 billion

And this is looks to be a world wide trend.
Emerging markets are on the receiving end of large inflows of capital.
Since April, $20 billion has flooded into all emerging markets. The Sensex is up 50%, Russia is up 63%, Brazil 60% China 57%, and Argentina 45%.The capital movement is not India-specific but is representative of a movement into emerging markets.
It looks as though BRICS is still alive as a market force but Deeplode's money is on India and China to mostly benefit the ASX.

(News wires helped the information gathering)

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