Friday, July 31, 2009

GBM Resources (ASX GBZ) has a DeepLode

Malmsbury is now a very quiet village since the Calder freeway passed it by. Its excellent bakery and fine food outlets are still managing well because of the quality of their produce. Very soon Malmsbury may be on the map for a different reason. The early gold miners in this region were restricted by their inability to go deep. But no longer of course!!
Malmsbury, Deeplode was told tonight, has gold but it is buried deep below the calm of this village. Deeplode enjoyed some local wines this evening..Black Jack Shiraz.. and during chat discovered that GBM Resources (ASX GBZ) has its hands on a deep high grade gold deposit under two hills close by the town.
DeepLode as usual urges caution and suggests readers go to where posters are much more enlightened.
But it appears to be a buy which DeepLode will do!!!