Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Middle East crisis widens

Hundreds of thousands of protesters have marched world wide to protest about the military invasion of Gaza by Israel. In Saudi Arabia tensions between the hard line Government and more liberal forces in the Kingdom are increasing as a result of the Gaza war.
Contacts are telling deeplode that the Gaza war is being used as fuel by political opponents to the ruling families.
From the governing elite the response is clear…
"The law in force in the kingdom bans demonstrations which cause chaos and disrupt public order. The security forces will prevent any attempt to organize rallies or demonstrations," (official response..)
The East of the Kingdom is reportedly seeing violent demonstrations with the military using force to break up these civilian protests.
The region is becoming more and more destabilized and the risk ofIran becoming involved is increasing as Israeli forces prepare for ground incursions into Gaza and air attacks on Iran.
An explosive situation which is extremely dangerous and with global mediators appearing powerless.
The next week or so is critical.

sources..private and news wires...opinions mine.

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