Friday, January 2, 2009

Saudi Blames Hamas

Saudi Arabia seems to be blaming Hamas for the continuing attacks on Gaza according to news reports coming out of the Middle East and Europe (The Guardian is one news source reporting this but it is also on general news wires. )
This seems to be a clear indication that the shaky Arab League is again under pressure and that Saudi Arabia is not going to be part of any extreme Arab League action.
Turkey seems to be playing a key role in these new developments offended by what it sees as Israel’s dishonesty when their PM met with Turkish PM Erdogen on Dec 22. It seems that Israel, not surprisingly, set up a decoy position in the talks.

Saudi is saying that Hamas must resume talks with Fatah before the Arab League can give support..
"This terrible massacre would not have happened if the Palestinian people were united behind one leadership," Saudi foreign minister, Prince Saud al-Faisal is reported as saying.

Hamas of course attacked the Arab League position as "pathetic" and further is saying that Fatah is providing intelligence to Israel itself. That is a serious division.

But maybe these divisions are no greater than those in the Arab League.
Some want an immediate summit others do not eg Syria and Qatar want one whereas Saudi and Egypt do not!..Now I am sure readers can work that out!!

The biggest danger is that the Arab League may renege on the Arab Peace Initiative of 2007 in which Israel is assured of the recognition of all Arab entities if it accepts the 1967 borders and recognises an independent Palestinian state.
Turkey’s significant role is evidenced by its PM taking on a whirl wind tour of Middle East states
Syria and Jordan today and tomorrow to Saudi Arabia.
In Jordan he also met with the Palestinian President.
His intent is clear..he is quoted on the news wires as saying "Developments in Gaza are very dangerous developments to which we cannot remain silent both in regards to humanitarian reasons and to regional peace and stability. Turkey has been deeply concerned over the humanitarian tragedy in Gaza and the fact that the Middle East is entering a spiral of violence. The goal of the regional tour upon which we embarked today is to help end this dangerous course of events."
The divide between the hard line states and the Western allied ones is becoming greater and the atmosphere more tense. And of course as protesters are flooding the streets the divide between the “soft line” states and their populations who want action is also becoming greater. The Middle East is on edge tonight.

Sources: monitored newswires. Opinions are mine.

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