Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Australian Bush Fires

DeepLode lives in Victoria.
The past week has been horrific. All the people who are dead have not yet been found.
Those that have been are lying in morgues away from their loved ones.
Many who have been found are not able to be identified.
Other bodies are still in burnt out houses, cars or lying in gullies or creeks where they ran for cover. Those who survived are in shock...and in the parlance of the denial. And why not be in denial!
Not only has your home gone but also your neighbours and their boisterous children are dead. Your main street is gone...your farm is gone..your cattle are dead...your fences are shops, schools, community centres, sports clubs...all gone.
One woman said to DeepLode .."I am alive but I have lost my life."
The beautiful eucalyptus full of their wonderful cleansing oils were turned on us by a freak of nature , in some situations by distorted fellow citizens, and their cleansing oils became destructive fire balls.. Let us hope recovery is possible and if possible is fast. We have lost much and we all are fighting the battle to survive. Join us if you can.

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