Thursday, February 12, 2009

China goes exploring in West Africa

Deeplode has noticed that the Chinese Premier is visiting West Africa and has made his first stop Senegal. It seems that Beijing is ignoring the criticism from the West that its diplomacy in West Africa is a drive to secure the natural resources of vulnerable African states.
Ah! is the West innocent of that?
But DeepLode is very interested in the Premier's stop over in Senegal.
Could it be that the fabulous offshore tenement now in the possession of a tiny ASX stock FAR has China's attention.?
And the last few days buying of FAR on the ASX has been very upbeat.
After all the Senegal Government..not long before this visit from the Chinese Premier..has granted all rights over the tenement to FAR and the Hunted has retreated.
Now for a joint venture. Deeplode enjoys following the intrigues of international small spec funding and it seems FAR is on the money.
DeepLode follows the spec buy funds coming through Hong Kong...and no doubt about this one...China has been buying.
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